How Much Electricity Are You Using?

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How Much Electricity Are You Using?

One of the most important parts of picking out a solar energy system for your home is considering the energy needs of your household. The amount of solar energy you both produce and consume can change based on a number of factors including the angle of your solar panels and the time of year.

Electricity Usage at Home

The average Australian household consumes about 18 KiloWatts (kWh) of energy per day, or 5,639 KiloWatts a year. The amount of energy your household consumes depends greatly on how many reside there. Homes with children typically consume around 20 kWh of power per day, compared to single adults who use around 10 kWh per day.

The amount of power you use of course depends on what you do at home. Those who work from home (especially during the current pandemic) will likely be using more power than the average Australian, what with extra screens, computers and aircon running throughout the day during the warmer months.

Where is Energy Consumed?

Australian residences use about 40% of their electricity on heating and cooling, 23% on water heating, 14% on appliances like the dishwasher and washing machines, 8% on refrigeration, 7% on lighting, 5% on cooking, and 3% on standby power.

Air conditioning is what demands the most power from Australian plants. While a larger system would be required, it is possible to run your heating and cooling systems off solar power alone, potentially saving you up to 40% of your electricity costs. Shutting off your aircon for 15 minutes every hour has also been touted as a way of saving both energy and money.

Energy Consumption Throughout the Day

Every household’s energy needs are unique, but there is data that tells us about typical energy usage throughout the day. Energy usage rises throughout the day, and the highest energy consumption typically peaks at around 7 p.m. with about 90% of people consuming 2.3 kWh during this hour. Energy usage is typically at its lowest around 3 a.m with only 0.6 kWh consumed during this time.

Solar Energy Output

One of the most important factors when deciding to buy solar panels for your home is their cost and efficiency. Solar panels are more efficient at producing energy now than at any time in history. Alongside being more efficient than ever before, solar panels are cheaper than ever before with prices dropping about 89% since 2010.

One solar panel can typically produce around 1.24 kWh per day and the typical household needs around 20-24 solar panels to cover 100% of their energy needs. Australians who consume a high amount of electricity per year will typically see a 3-5 year return on their investment of solar panels.

There has never been a better time to invest in solar power for your property. Large or small, the long term savings are undeniable. Call our team to chat about your options and what to consider to get the best possible installation.

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