How to Choose the Right Size Solar System

How to Choose the Right Size Solar System 1000 667 JNT Electrical

How to Choose the Right Size Solar System

If you’re one of the forward-thinking Australians who is making the choice to install solar panels, your next step is to consider the size of the system you need for your home. The appropriate size will need to reflect your energy usage habits, along with a few other key factors. When it comes to installation, your team of solar panel experts will make a recommendation of the number of solar panels needed, based on a professional assessment. However, it’s still smart to get an idea beforehand, so you can begin to plan financially.

There are four main points to consider when exploring which size solar power system is best for you.

Assess Your Energy Usage

Your current energy use should give you a pretty clear indication of what you require from a solar power system.

While it’s highly dependent on your home’s location and the amount of daylight you receive; a 1kW solar power system generally produces up to 5kWh per day. Take a look at your last power bill to determine your current usage patterns. The reverse side of your bill should display your average daily consumption. If for example, your average daily energy consumption is 15kWh per day and your goal is to run your home completely off renewable energy, you should consider a 3kW system.

Estimate Daylight Hours Power Requirements

Once you’ve found your average daily energy consumption rate, estimate how much of that energy is actually used during the day. If your home energy use peaks throughout the day (for example, if you’re running a pump or filter for your swimming pool), you should consider a larger system. If you run most appliances during the evening, you may consider something smaller that caters to your reduced energy use in daylight hours. If you’re willing and able to adapt some of your energy usage habits so that consumption takes place more so during the day, a larger system will help to save you more money in the long run.

Consider Your Roof Size

The size of your roof will ultimately determine the number of panels you can install. A professional will help you to make this decision by considering your roof dimensions and orientation. If you’d like to get a rough idea, take down the dimensions of your roof (no need to worry about the south facing part of your roof – panels will most likely not be appropriate for this area) and compare them against standard size solar panels.

When your pre-solar assessment is underway, your installation team will use satellite solar mapping software to generate a report on the number of panels that will fit in order to receive the best results.

Work Out Your Budget

Last but not least, the size of your system will depend on the amount of money you can comfortably spend. If you can make a larger investment now, you will likely save more money in the long run as more of your home’s energy usage will be renewable. If you can only afford a smaller system, you may still use quite a bit of energy from the grid, meaning you’ll still be paying a power bill. However, don’t fear! Your solar specialists will ensure your investment is a good one, and they won’t recommend a sized system that is a) unaffordable, or b) isn’t going to save you money on your power bill. Compare your renewable energy goals with your budget to make a good assessment on what size system will serve you best.

Working with a skilled team of solar specialists will ensure the most appropriate size system is installed for your home. Use the above factors as a guide in determining what system will work best, then talk to the professionals to get the most accurate recommendation.

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