Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter Energy Saving Tips
July 23, 2020 JNT Electrical
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Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter is often the time when we plug in the heater, indulge in a longer, hotter shower and switch out the clothes line for the dryer. These seasonal changes keep us comfortable, however they also send our power bills skyrocketing. 

Winter 2020 has the potential to cause even more grief, as more time is spent at home for those working remotely, studying online or running a business from home. Whether your most recent power bill was large enough to motivate change, or you’re simply looking to be more energy conscious this winter; we’ll explore the ways you can cut back consumption and save some cash in the process.

Efficient Heating Systems

The heater can be the main culprit of the spike in your power bill. A well designed house with good insulation will require less heating in winter and cooling in summer. However, if you unfortunately live in a poorly insulated home and renovations aren’t an option, a heater can be the only source of heating available. If this is the case, we recommend doing your research, shopping around and investing in a heater that’s suited to the specific space you’re trying to heat. 

Other tips for staying warm and keeping costs down:

  • Let sunlight into your home during the day and close curtains or blinds as the sun sets and the temperature drops
  • Heat only rooms that are being used
  • Shut doors and windows to prevent heat from escaping

Turn Off Appliances

A straightforward and very simple tip that we can often forget about! Spending more time at home means you’re likely using more appliances. Remember to switch off lights you aren’t using, unplug your devices (including your work computer) when they aren’t in use and try not to browse with the fridge door open for too long (something we’re all guilty of when working from home!). 

If your power bill is alarmingly high, it might also be time to check in with your current appliances. What’s their efficiency rating? Investing in new appliances with a high energy efficiency rating will save you money in the long run.

Adopt Energy Saving Habits

If you have solar panels installed in your home, try to run major appliances when your panels are converting the most energy. This could mean doing your washing or using the dishwasher during the day. If you’re not home during peak daylight hours, invest in appliances with timers or delayed starts. 

In addition, if you’re serious about reducing your electricity use, do your washing on a cold cycle, take shorter showers and invest in quality bedding that will keep you warm and comfortable without needing to run a heater all night.

Utilise Solar Energy

Although it’s an investment, now could be the ideal time to install a solar power system in your home. If this year has led to unavoidable lifestyle changes and caused increased energy consumption as a result, it could be time to reconsider how you power your home. If you foresee more time spent at home in the future; solar panels will save you money in the long run and ensure you’re using clean energy to power your home.  

Don’t let the shorter, colder days dictate the price of your power bill. Make smart purchases and adopt a more energy-conscious lifestyle to stay comfortable, while keeping costs down this winter.

If you’d like to learn more about powering your home with clean energy and if the benefits will apply to you, chat to our team today. 

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