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CEC Retailer Accreditation 

Choosing a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited retailer provides the peace of mind that every Australian deserves when switching to cleaner energy. Our accreditation demonstrates our commitment to servicing our clients with high quality products, installation and maintenance. The CEC performs regular audits to ensure every aspect of our business is adhering to the standards set in place. These standards exceed those regulated by the Government, setting the benchmark for the entire industry in Australia. 

What is the CEC?

The CEC is the leading organisation in the solar industry, with a vision to power Australia with clean and renewable energy. They run a national accreditation scheme for solar installers, work to establish support policies with the Government and help to develop and raise industry standards within Australia. 

How choosing a CEC accredited retailer will benefit you

High quality service 

CEC retailer accreditation guarantees a high level of service with quality products to match. We are regularly audited by the CEC to ensure our standards are maintained and that we’re meeting the requirements outlined by the governing body. 

Company trust

An approved solar retailer is a company you can trust. Our solar customers can be assured that we have been operating for over 12 months and that the service we provide aligns with the CEC guidelines. All CEC accredited retailers are obligated to provide every customer with complete transparency regarding additional costs that arise during installation. 

Warranty guarantee

Products and workmanship is covered by a minimum of 5 years warranty.

Mandatory deliverables 

When you choose a CEC accredited retailer, you will receive a full system design with site specifications, a roof plan and a detailed outline of orientation with tilt and efficiency losses that could occur due to shading. All quotes must comprehensively cover all information required for a customer to make an informed purchase decision. Approved retailers are also obligated to provide maintenance and performance measurement education, as well as a set of CEC approved terms and conditions. 

Our dedication and commitment to servicing our customers is backed by our CEC retail accreditation. The CEC is constantly working to produce growth and development within the industry to ensure Australia’s future is bright. 

If you’d like to know more about the CEC or our retail accreditation, get in touch with our team today.