5 Energy Efficient Ways To Cool Your Home During Summer

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5 Energy Efficient Ways To Cool Your Home During Summer

Cool Your Home Without Emptying Your Bank Account

We all know the familiar feeling of opening a power bill that contains your usage over the summer months. You brace yourself for the worst, assuming it’s skyrocketed. More often than not, it has.

Thankfully, the lingering fear around the cost of cooling your home in the heat doesn’t need to continue.

There are several ways you can prepare your home to ensure you stay comfortable and that it runs efficiently throughout summer.

Home Insulation

Insulation will assist with reducing the amount of heat that enters your home. Effective insulation keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing the need for cooling and heating systems. Insulation is key to an energy efficient home. It will minimise your energy consumption and ensure comfort is maintained year round. Find out how much insulation is currently in your home to determine whether you would benefit from installing more. Older homes tend to have less insulation, however you can perform an inspection to gain an accurate idea.

Window Orientation

Window orientation is another key feature of the home that can affect energy consumption. It should be considered closely by those building, buying or renovating a home, however assessing the window placement in your current home can also lead to some beneficial changes.

If your windows are in a position where they receive a lot of direct sunlight, consider installing blinds, shutters or awnings to shade indoor areas. Alternatively, plant trees in the area that will eventually grow and block sunlight from shining directly into your home.

Make The Most Of Renewable Energy

You will notice a significant reduction in the cost of power during the peak of summer when you switch to renewable energy. Using appliances to cool your home during the day, when the panels are converting sunlight into electricity, will mean power is not being pulled from the grid.

Installing solar panels for summer will allow you to cool your home without an increased power bill and will enable you to enjoy your cooling systems without having adverse effects on the environment.

Energy Efficient Cooling Systems

Update your appliances to an energy efficient model to save big on your power bill. A combination of solar power and efficient cooling systems will ensure you pay the bare minimum for electricity and reduce your impact on the planet. Switch to energy efficient ceiling fans, and try to stick to fan use overnight, saving the air conditioner for hours of peak solar conversion.

If you’d like to make some eco-improvements to your home this summer, the team at AEG can assist with making adjustments that will help to use energy more efficiently.

Maintain Your Aircon Units

Air conditioners are a saviour in warm climates, however they’re also the appliance that uses the most energy. Maintaining your A/C unit will ensure it continues to work as efficiently as the day it was installed. If you fail to maintain your A/C unit, airflow will become obstructed, and it will impact the system’s performance and energy consumption.

As summer approaches, take some time to prepare your air conditioning unit for use:

  • Clean or replace filters
  • Check and clean the evaporator coil
  • Clear weeds or bushes that have grown around the unit
  • Inspect the seal between the air conditioner and the window (ensuring a proper seal will prevent cool air from escaping)

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